Tuesday, July 26, 2011

rain. and a lot of it.

the itsy bitsy students climbed up the giant hill.
down came a flood and washed the students out.
up did not come the sun, but instead approached a landslide.
so the itsy bitsy students fleeted indoors
and groused about such things on the interweb.

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th in Sinchon

there's nothing quite like celebrating america's independence, watching some 19 year old with an american flag tied around his neck vomit all over himself on the streets of sinchon. as i left the bar at 11:00pm, one drink deep and sober as a judge, i came to the realization that my glory days were most definitely coming to an end. sure, there was a time in my life when i swore i'd never be that old square, but low and behold, suddenly i'm referred to as the "old one that can't hang." that being said, i know it's not entirely my age nor is it the setting that keeps me sober and makes me miss home, but more the lack of people i feel comfortable getting fucked up with. it's probably a good thing. this city makes it way too convenient for one to get trashed and end up in a 24 hour sauna for some random old guy to sidle up and spoon you against your will. i guess i'd much rather come home and write about how that didn't happen to me, but most definitely happened to someone else. it's hanging out with a cousin i just met with her philosophy professor boyfriend, and finding out he's in his early 40's but plays the bass guitar in a band with his buddies, talking to them about music through broken korean/english, sharing a ginormous bowl of pat-bing-soo with the only cousin i have who's my age, connecting with an old "life coach" over jack and cokes at a swanky bar, or simply exploring the city on a beautiful day with some good tunes and a comfortable pair of shoes that make me love being in this foreign land so far from home. even so, i'm certain that the novelty will wear off soon, and it'll be time for me to makes some decisions that i've been dreading to make. should i stay or should i go?