Monday, February 13, 2012

Despite my lack of patience for editing, I finally finished up my half assed video. It has everything from early season riding, to park laps, to our first real powder day. Some of these shots are super random but I hope it at least gives a glimpse of what season 2 has been like. Enjoy :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Your needs consume you forever
And with this lies the need to be here together"

Thursday, February 2, 2012

oh that twisted fate

(but probably that twisted tea)

It's funny how such a silly occurrence can jolt you into a reminder that the human body is a fragile, delicate organism. "Where's your kid?" I said, and with the words "there he is" in response, put me flat on my ass as I looked up to see the cause to my effect. The simple joys of sitting, the natural convenience of standing and walking, the pure bliss of sleeping has been taken away from me by this moment in time, a moment that resulted in an injured coccyx. Having to constantly sit and stand at my second job, with every shudder from the pain, I took the time to look back and analyze the root of this event. Could it have been a result of the slight arrogance in my riding, switching to switch knowing it being the simplest skill of my abilities? Could it have been my wanting to rub-in my beautiful day off riding, to a fellow, currently working co-worker? After all, I could have easily rode by with a simple hello in acknowledgment. Or was it in fact the result of all of the above combined, due to the adult beverage consumed just before this incident, ever so slightly affecting my decision making skills as well as my motor skills as I rode down? After close to 32 hours of attempting to endure the pain, my 13 hour work day within this time frame, the verdict was in and the moral was clear. Don't drink and ride. (Well, not until my ass is healed at least.)

..and then she rode, the next day.