Sunday, May 29, 2011


i guess one of these are in order.
for all those times i haven't been clear.
for not making those sacrifices you never expected me to,
but wanted me to make.
but after the first couple times, i realized
it didn't make a difference either way.
just like it makes no difference to you
that i've been through it too.

set yourself free
no one else will do it for you.

whew, what a release

Sunday, May 15, 2011

week 1 in seoul

i felt pretty pathetic as i shed a couple tears this morning, feeling sorry for myself because i've yet again succumbed to nostalgia. i really have to stop doing that. it's annoying.

all is good. yeah so i had my moment, it's what i needed. i chatted with my mom and dad on facebook for the first time ever, something i normally would not have done by choice, but this morning it felt nice. i guess it's true you never appreciate your parents until you feel vulnerable and alone. or maybe that's just me. either way, it's something i feel i need to continuously strive to change. i felt much better after our chat, even though i told them everything was fine and that i'm having a good time. we left the apartment and explored another "zone" as my city tour book calls it, hong-dae, "a creative space for the young and free to express and share their unique culture" this is where i..

-witnessed my first fixed gear hipster biker gang cruisin the streets on some beautiful bicycles
-came across a store that didn't play k-pop or american top-40 but actually played a 90's brit pop blur song (and not that "woohoo" one that everyone knows.)
-saw a group of girls without the same plastic surgery faces and not dressed like they thought they were super models.
-men wearing skinny jeans, ray bans and fedora hats.

i was confused as to how i was supposed to feel about all this. in a country where everything has felt so overwhelmingly unfamiliar, this neighborhood has finally given me a sense of comfort merely because of familiarity. i liked this neighborhood a lot, mostly for its life and youth. however, this is where i soon realized that wherever you are..

hipsters will be hipsters.