Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Denver Love

Soo I've been back in Denver for two days now, and I've probably had the best time crammed in the last 48 hours than in the last 5 months spent in Seoul. Not to say that visiting (turned to living in) the motherland wasn't an unforgettable learning experience, but damn, considering I LOVE Denver, and didn't think it'd be possible to love it more, learning that my feelings for this city run deeper than I could have ever imagined is pretty amazing. That being said, I was also quick to realize that having a relationship with your home city is a lot like a relationship between parent and child. You love it more than anything, but know that eventually you have to let it go, and allow it to grow on its own with out you. Sure, I'm back doing the same thing I was last year, but knowing that I'll be leaving Colorado at the end of the season this time around gives me a rather bittersweet feelings towards the short amount of time that I'll be staying here. Currently making effortless efforts to make the most of my time here. It's turning out to be pretty darn easy. Here's some shots from The Ogden in Downtown Denver. Impromptu Concert makes amazing night with amazing friends.

Broken Social Scene & T.V on the Radio

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Popping Yolk

Today, September 15, 2011 marks the day my good friend takes his first blinking step (publicly) into the world of photo editing. Please make sure to stop by and acknowledge his glorious day.

Such pretty colors. ;) Seriously though, check out his blog. He's got some good shit goin. And more to come.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thankful for Daytrotter

As many of you may already know, yesterday was Chu-Seok aka Korean Thanksgiving, so my parents have flown in from the states for this and for a wedding (not mine!) It's 12am and I have just hit day 3 of sharing a room with them. Currently, I am attempting to drown out the sound of my parents obnoxiously harmonized snoring while listening to a couple of (free!) RYAT tracks recorded at the Daytrotter studio, a marvelous site I discovered just two days ago. It was two nights prior, and I was in a similar position, laying on the ground (where I now sleep ever since the parental invasion) surfin blogs, listening to some tunes, when I came across the miracle of Daytrotter. Apparently they've been around for about 5 years now, so it's freakin beyond me how I haven't heard of their marvelous production till now, but hey, better late then never right? Anywho, these guys have a recording studio in Rock Island, Ill where pretty much all of my favorite artists (and then some) have stopped by mid-tours to record original songs and live tracks for our listening pleasure. How neat is that? and Daytrotter ever so conveniently puts it on their page along with a genuine description/review and original artwork for each artist, for ours to take and for us to read. Simply mind blowing. I was honestly, so impressed, I had to blog about it! So since two days ago, I've been able to download/enjoy some new tracks from a bunch of my favorite artists like The Books, Local Natives, The Dandy some beautiful video sessions like that of the great Iron&Wine and come across a ton of new artists I had never heard of. Serious eye and ear candy. If any of you guys are lookin for some fresh tracks by some wonderful indie artists, or are simply looking for something new, this is it. It's not for everyone I guess, but DEFINITELY for me. love love loving it.

I found a great video about them, showing us the efforts of their work.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Seoul Snaps

Some of the highlights during my time here :) Nephew, Sketchbook, Samsung Yuk, Tattoo Virus, Subway, Mulla, Zacpot, Dong Nim Mun, Gyung Bok Gung

Also, here's a pretty sweet video of a band my friend Jefferson just introduced me too. They're called Gotye. Enjoy!

Ironically, the shapes drawn on the walls and on the people in this video somewhat resemble those of MWM's work shown in my previous post. Funny how life works.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sharing my love for MWM

Matt W. Moore - I absolutely LOVE this guy's work, he's my freakin hero!!*&)#*&A"lk!aj!! and when I grow up I'd like to be just like him :D
Clean, colorful, meticulous, just my style.
Reminds me of a modern vectorfied Kandinsky
A bunch of you Vail-ites might recognize the work he's done with Burton a few years back, but a lot of his art has been featured in a variety of sectors in fashion, design, shoes, pop culture media, automotive, street art..the list goes on and on. Check out his Blog (which I follow rather religiously) where's there's eye candy for boys and girls of all ages.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dreaded Seoul

  One of the biggest things that came to my attention during my first visit to Seoul are the many existing classes and Korean subcultures that I've been unaware of (and no, I don't watch Korean drama's and I highly doubt they're anywhere near an accurate depiction of Korean society anyway). The majority of Korean's I've known throughout my life (aside from visiting family members who live here already) have been Korean families who have had the means to immigrate to the states, so generally middle to upper class. I grew up thinking that all Korean families were the same. Most parents were conservative business owners who gave up everything they had to immigrate, used that guilt to push their children to excel in academics and tried their best to be "normal" and fit into American society. To see the lives of middle to lower class Koreans is a completely different emotional experience. These people simply don't exist (or are pretty rare) in the states because it's damn near impossible to immigrate without money, but these are the people that give me hope in a culture I wrongfully despised. Turns out, it wasn't the culture, but the people that represented my heritage in the states that I was somewhat ashamed of - people who care only about money and financial success, that's basically what it comes down to. Sure, I understand the struggles they went through to give their children an opportunity within the "American Dream" but doesn't that entail the freedom to whatever they desire and to pursue their OWN dreams?
I'm a pretty firm believer that with suffering comes creativity, and I think it's safe to say that financial stability comes hand in hand with one's comfort in life (yes I understand that it shouldn't be that way but unfortunately it is). At first glance, I noticed what I knew. I knew that these people were obsessed with status, in which they represented with what they wore and how they looked. Everywhere I looked, I saw people with designer clothes and accessories, altered faces - eyes cut and sewn, jawlines shaved, noses poked and prodded, men in suits...but the more I looked around I noticed the people behind them, living in the nooks and crannies of Seoul, painting the town, expressing their individuality, being shunned by the "ahjumma's" (old ladies) of society.
At first, I thought, "you belong in America!" where people won't judge you and shake their heads at you from the bus, where people won't talk shit to you at the spa for being a lady and having tattoo's, where people encourage creativity, not look down on it as "something you do when you suck at gongboo (academics)." But after giving it some thought, I realized, these are the people who are going to give value and significance to Korea's youth and vibrant future. So, rock on you people. Grow them dreads and stick it to the man. Bitch slap the black, white and beige right off the face of Seoul and color it WILD.