Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Seoul Snaps

Some of the highlights during my time here :) Nephew, Sketchbook, Samsung Yuk, Tattoo Virus, Subway, Mulla, Zacpot, Dong Nim Mun, Gyung Bok Gung

Also, here's a pretty sweet video of a band my friend Jefferson just introduced me too. They're called Gotye. Enjoy!

Ironically, the shapes drawn on the walls and on the people in this video somewhat resemble those of MWM's work shown in my previous post. Funny how life works.


  1. love the photos--your nephew is adorable! and how'd you do that so they're un-clickable??

  2. awwwww ur nephew is such a cutie!!! i love that video... so awesome awesome band too! ;) xkim

  3. I miss korea so bad, I can't wait to go back there.