Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thankful for Daytrotter

As many of you may already know, yesterday was Chu-Seok aka Korean Thanksgiving, so my parents have flown in from the states for this and for a wedding (not mine!) It's 12am and I have just hit day 3 of sharing a room with them. Currently, I am attempting to drown out the sound of my parents obnoxiously harmonized snoring while listening to a couple of (free!) RYAT tracks recorded at the Daytrotter studio, a marvelous site I discovered just two days ago. It was two nights prior, and I was in a similar position, laying on the ground (where I now sleep ever since the parental invasion) surfin blogs, listening to some tunes, when I came across the miracle of Daytrotter. Apparently they've been around for about 5 years now, so it's freakin beyond me how I haven't heard of their marvelous production till now, but hey, better late then never right? Anywho, these guys have a recording studio in Rock Island, Ill where pretty much all of my favorite artists (and then some) have stopped by mid-tours to record original songs and live tracks for our listening pleasure. How neat is that? and Daytrotter ever so conveniently puts it on their page along with a genuine description/review and original artwork for each artist, for ours to take and for us to read. Simply mind blowing. I was honestly, so impressed, I had to blog about it! So since two days ago, I've been able to download/enjoy some new tracks from a bunch of my favorite artists like The Books, Local Natives, The Dandy Warhols..watch some beautiful video sessions like that of the great Iron&Wine and come across a ton of new artists I had never heard of. Serious eye and ear candy. If any of you guys are lookin for some fresh tracks by some wonderful indie artists, or are simply looking for something new, this is it. It's not for everyone I guess, but DEFINITELY for me. love love loving it.

I found a great video about them, showing us the efforts of their work.


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