Wednesday, June 15, 2011

seoul's theme song

finally getting into the swing of things. sleep schedule adjusted. bowel movements normal. now all i have to do is get out there, meet some folks and have a drink. T- 5 days till i'm out on my own and living with a complete stranger. these things shouldn't be so difficult for me. in my mind i'm courageous enough to have accomplished these simple things already, yet i haven't and sometimes find myself bored given the circumstances. it's like i push myself to do something new and different, but once i get as close to the edge as possible, i hesitate to jump (and i swear, i take running starts!) welp, either way i'll jump (or maybe the devil inside will just push me in). on the plus side, all of this down time has given me some time to listen to some new music, doodle in my notebooks and get back into shape. it's been a while since i've been sober this long and fit from hauling my ass to the gym everyday. "what a square," she thought to herself.
 "oh shut up, you."

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