Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Colorado Outro

When my family and I moved to Colorado in 2000, my friends in California thought I was moving to a cow town in the countryside. As much as I tried to defend myself against my merciless peers, inside I despised the fact that I was going and despised even more that some areas near my new suburban neighborhood had houses on acres of worthless land with cows actually on their property. I spent most of high school loathing life, detesting Colorado, and imagining how much "better" my life would have been had we stayed in California, and if I had went to school with my friends in Long Beach. But time flew by, high school ended and the next thing I knew I was moving to the city and attending school in Denver.

"Old" people are right when they say time goes by faster and faster every year. Even as it took me 5 years to finish my undergrad and it's been 2 years now since I've graduated, it seems like just yesterday I was exploring Denver as a working student. Somewhere along the way I found myself growing with the city and with the beautiful Colorado Rockies and eventually I found that Colorado grew on me. I never realized how much I loved it here until I came back from living in Korea for 6 months. The month I was back in Denver, I literally basked in all of it's glory, attending shows, enjoying my favorite restaurants, going on bike rides and surrounding myself with the company of all the good people I've met in Colorado along the way. When winter rolled around I moved back to Vail for one more season, my last hurrah.

The end of a season feels more like the end of the year to me and of course, much like everything else, the season flew by at lightning speed. Now I find myself here, once again, reflecting on my life and where I currently stand. As of now, I hold a one way ticket to NYC on my way to continue my education at Pratt Institute. That last sentence scares the shit out of me, and with all the steps I've taken to make this all happen, I almost still don't quite believe it. At this point, I can only hope that the with support of my friends, my family and my new special someone, I'll survive in this great city.

(Or maybe I'll get trash dumped on me by Woody Allen and then get chased by a pimp. That would be sweet. The quality of this video isn't the greatest, but it's the exact clip I was looking for)


  1. Congrats, that's awesome! You'll love NYC and Pratt should be an interesting experience.

    1. haha "interesting" choice of words.