Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Well, it's been about a month now since I've been back in the states, and I've been keeping busy to say the least. It feels weird to be busy, when I'm not even currently working, but it's kind of nice to know that there's always something to keep me occupied. Never a dull moment. Constantly spending money with nothing coming in, and being a witness to my diminishing savings account, however, is pretty depressing. Going back to Vail and back to work is going to be a nice change but a teeny tiny part of me is dreading it (just the work part). I've recently picked up (yet another) hobby, as if I don't have enough hobbies already. Lomography! I'd like to personally place blame on my friend Josh aka Popping Yolk who gifted me my Fisheye Lomo, and I find myself getting more emotionally involved with this toy of a camera with every roll.

Meet Josh. He's a whore... for cameras.
My recent obsession has been Colorado Skies. They're absolutely beautiful damn near every single day. Sometime throughout any given day, you can find me blasting music as I cruise control at 85 MPH down E-470, sticking my camera out the window as I grab onto it for dear life, trying to capture what's in the sky that day.

Jam sesh, pizza and beers downtown
A beautiful room with daytime stars.


  1. lovely pictures!


  2. wicked fisheye wielding chameleon, im glad youre making fantastic use of that charming little camera

  3. I like these pictures, I'm not good at fisheye.


  4. beautiful shots, well done! I still need to figure out my blog buuu :( http://albahalo.blogspot.com/