Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I probably have about 3 posts in draft mode, because everything I've been trying to write with any sort of substance just seems to end up sounding absolutely ridiculous about 10 minutes after I'm finished writing it. In hopes to just keep things rolling until I have something remotely significant to say, I'll just post some more photo's from around Denver. After all, I have less than a week 'til I'm back to being a mountain woman..

Snaps of - The Sounds Concert, Maja Ivarsson, Portishead Concert, Maria Taylor, The Big Harp, Halloween at Unit E, Josh as Joaquin Phoenix, Adam as Thom Yorke, yours truly as Wednesday Addams.

The Sounds was an incredibly active concert. Maja, she puts on quite the show. I probably burned all of my PBR calorie intake for the night (and believe me..there was a lot). With questionable expectations, especially with stadium seating, Portishead turned out to be mind-blowingly incredible. Beth sings like a depressed angel, with such sweet sorrow. Maria Taylor and the Big Harp at the Hi-Dive was charming and laid back. Although disappointed for the bands that there was such a small crowd, I personally enjoyed the space and intimacy. Halloween is pretty self explanatory. Kept it small this year at a new gallery/music venue, a small space on Santa Fe and 12th in Denver called Unit E. A few bands, quirky costumes, couple of friends, definitely no shit show like previous years.

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  1. SO happy you got the bracelet! It all ended up good... sorry for all the waiting ;) Please post a photo of you wearing it here too