Sunday, August 22, 2010

blurb on 8/20

Little did I know that one the most grueling days I've had at work would end with the one of the most amazing Red Rocks experiences I've ever had. I dragged home from an 11 hour work day, partially not even wanting to go to the show due to exhaustion, and attempted to mentally prepare myself to encounter the thousands of people that would attend, because a friend of mine happened to have a ticket for me and it was an opportunity not even a fool should turn down. I was about to see Rodrigo Y Gabriella, rhythmic gods on the acoustic guitars, to say the least. We chugged some Stella's in the parking lot and hiked our way up those horrendous Red Rocks stairs, making our way through quite the eclectic gathering of people to get to the top. I was insufficiently buzzed and fuckin spent by the time we sat down with our ridiculously over priced Red Rocks beers in hand. As I sat there trying to regain my energy, and telling myself to fuck all the life issues I've recently been encountering and to just enjoy the show, the lights turned off and the duo emerged from the darkness and onto the stage. Finally the yammering of all the hippies, hipsters and middle aged beige toned people around me stopped (although this is when the hootin' and hollerin' began) and their music, as well as the smell of weed, started to fill the amphitheater. I didn't give a shit about anything anymore because I began to feel that special high I get from beautiful music in my chest and throughout my entire body. Soon it just consumed me. I had gotten my fix and suddenly all of my troubles were forgotten. I stood there, soaking up the beauty of Red Rocks, the splendor of their music, and the majestic Colorado skies as my overly enthusiastic friend continuously bounced around next to me, yelling excited profanities throughout the entire show, while the hand full of middle aged attendees occasionally glanced back to see him damn near tears, he was so excited. Rodrigo was a god and Gabriella was a goddess in their plain shirts, jeans and tennis shoes. I lost myself in the music...

this video doesn't even do it justice for how beautiful it was but my best attempt to capture it at least.

Sadly, it ends quite abruptly but I had to set the camera down and enjoy the show!

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