Friday, August 6, 2010

half asleep

Sometimes I go whole days
listening bored, half sleep
I won't say anything
that's worth a thing to me
One day, suddenly, time
took a turn that once felt so brief
I blinked to see polite ghosts fading quickly

What begins as an unguarded
train of thoughts slowly can become
an addiction to the slumber
of disconnection and the resonance
of memory that no longer has a shape
but keeps you numb through
the hours till gone is another day

Be aware, my darling
these things I say I mean
are just traces of something
I long to feel again
I see our time expand
in the air almost forcibly,
spreading thinner till it dissolves completely.

I wish I could say I wrote this but sadly I did not. Actually, these are the lyrics to Half Asleep, by  School of Seven Bells, a band I just recently got into, thanks to a good friend. This is one my favorite songs of theirs and I've probably listened to it everyday since I've heard it.

Their music is like a mixture between electronic and 80's shoegaze music, using the best of both genres, creating a dreamy feel-good sound. I am addicted to this feeling. There's nothing like absolutely perfect harmonization that puts into you a beautiful haze, almost like a hypnotic trance. Quite lovely, kinda like being on painkillers, except you don't get sick.

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